Hello wannabe Lord,
your journey starts from here!

The Alpha version of Non Fungible Drugs has two main features: PROD and DEAL! In the following version of the game there will be some specific plots to produce, but for the Alpha version all the players are hosted in Lord Pablo’s mansion.

This first release of the game is available just for those who own a Non Fungible Pass. This particular item allows you to access the Alpha version and also it will grant the whitelist for future sales, airdrops and other benefits.

This is an Alpha version, so everything you see can be modified in both ways to keep the game's economy healthy. New features will be added in the future to provide the best game experience to our players.



There are 4 different families in the game, Testa, Khan, Mei and Cruz. Each family has a bonus regarding the production of a specific kind of Non Fungible Drugs, the Testa family being the first released doesn't have a specific bonus but it’s well balanced between all the three kinds (Sativa, Indica and Hybrid).

For each family/clan we will release three different rarities of characters: Baron, Lieutenant and Untouchable. Let’s have a closer look:

Testa Family (Neutral)

Khan Family (Indica)

Mei Family (Hybrid)

Cruz Family (Sativa)

Associates - Free packs content

For each family the “grades” of the members are, from the strongest to the weakest: Baron, Lieutenant and Untouchable. One you’ll unlock new slots, having characters of the same family/clan working together will give bonuses.


Our drugs are non fungible, so you don’t need earth, light and water to produce them. Just a printer. This kind of tool will be released in two main series (Weed and Hash). Every weed and hash printer can produce three types of NFDs: Sativa, Indica and Hybrid. Printers will also have stats: they can be slow but powerful, faster but less productive and also balanced. This way you can organise your game experience however it fits best with your real life!

Printers will have different rarities as well, you can check it easily by the colour of their shelves: Gold, Silver, Common (green), Basic (white).


This item is needed to improve your PROD and DEAL. Just like the printers, we will release different types of well balanced bags.


How could you deal NFDs without a vehicle! Here you can see the first ones released, 2x Gold, 2x Silver, 2x Common.
They are mandatory for DEAL functionalities!




Q2 2021

We are glad to present Non Fungible Drugs - the first Crypto Game where you can freely buy and sell drug across the world! For the official launch of the website we will organize several airdrops of NFTs to selected communities.

Q3 2021
The family

We will be conducting several airdrops for our amazing supporting community and give special NFDs to the early members of Our Family.
The first airdropped cards will be MD (microdose) and GR (gram), but we are preparing some special gifts for our family with OZ and KG cards (ounce and kilogram)!!
Remember that you will be able to swap your NFDs with $NFD tokens in order to play, and during the pre-sale they will be priced at very low prices in order to give the possibility to early adopters to have a better chance in the game.
There will also be the possibility to pre-order promo packs with thematic and selection of cards at discounted prices, you don't want to miss some free dope!

Q4 2021

Lots of stuff coming for the end of the year! The first NFT sale that will be necessary to play the Alpha version and start playing to earn.
In this phase we will also put a lot of effort with marketing and investors.

Q1 2022
Alpha 2.0

New features for the Alpha version: Dealing, burning and ranking.
Our Vault will become bigger as well with the two new functions: Lucky and Collection!
In this phase we also plan to do the final test on our token.

Q2 2022

The sale of lands and territories will mark the beginning of the next phase:
players will be able to take profit from their properties and improve their game experience!
We will keep testing the Alpha game and improve it based on our early adopters feedback, and will introduce the same feedback in the game itself.

LATE 2022

In this stage the game will become bigger with new territories and other NFDs. The fighting system will be implemented with players raid and boss raid!
More info soon in the whitepaper.



    Grab your Whitelist Pass to get a discount and get ready to play NFD Alpha Game! 11 Decmber 2021 @5pm UTC

    We're happy to announce that our new Vault Website is ready! Have a look here! https://vault.non-fungible-d.io, you can also use Rarity Reverse-Blend for the Gold and Silver NFDs that you got!
  • Rarity Reverse-Blends

    Since many users told us that they did some mistakes in blending the NFDs, we decided to add a way to fix those mistakes and from now on, at the page https://neftyblocks.com/c/nonfungdrugs/packs, you can also use Rarity Reverse-Blend for the Gold and Silver NFDs that you got!
  • First Packs' Sale

    On NeftyBlocks, 250 Mystery Boxes went Sold Out in a couple of minutes!
  • FULL VAULT is released!

    The Full Vault is ready and also GR (Silver, Gold) and MD (Gold) will be rewarded, starting from 3rd November 2021
  • OZ VAULT launch

    Starting from Saturday 18/09/2021, our system will take a snapshot of all accounts holding an OZ (Common, Silver or Gold) and send a reward to those wallets! We will release new features in the future, so be advised that things might change (the APRs, the NFDs that'll be possible to stake, the duration or any other feature).
  • New NFDs revealed

    The 3 latest NFDs are Celestial Temple, Blue Moon and Bubble Ice!
  • Whitepaper is released

    You can find it here: NFD_WHITEPAPER.pdf
  • 2000+ users on Discord server! 🚀

    2000+ users on our discord server! Join it to have special airdrops and much more!
  • Sup bro? Ready to make some money?

    You can earn Non Fungible Drugs by mining on AlienWorlds! From 5th to 9th June on Kavian 19:8 you can get the chance to win some Gold stuff... check it out!
  • New WEED strain revelaed

    It's Purple Haze!
  • Discord Coffeeshop opens to the public!

    FOr the first time in history, token earned on Discord can be used to purchase real NFTs on Atomichub!
  • 1000+ users on Discord server! 🚀

    After only 1 week from the previous ATH, we were already counting 1000+ users on our discord server! Join it to have special airdrops and much more!
  • Naron competition

    We partnership with a landowner of Alien Worlds and we dropped more than 200 NFDs and Lottery Tickets to the miners on Naron Mountains!
  • 500+ users on Discord server! 🚀

    After only 5 days from the launch, we were already counting 500+ users on our discord server! Join it to have special airdrops and much more!
  • Whitelisting!

    Atomichub accepted and whitelisted the project NFD, you can find the collection here.
  • First series minting of Non Fungible Drugs.

    On Atomichub, we minted the first NFDs: Outdoor Bio, Amnesia Haze, OG Kush, Nepal Polm.

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